Artists Who Carry Everything Before One

Holidays in the countryside by Robert Duncan. American artist Robert Duncan began to paint at the age of 11. Spending holidays at the ranch with grandparents in Wyoming, he was watching the simple rural way of life.

Riot of colors by Leonid Afremov. The art style of Leonid Afremov impresses with its explosive colors and unusual technique. The color palette of his paintings shows that the artist is an inveterate optimist, who loves the world with all heart.

Exciting pictures of Lora Zombie. Pictures of Lora Zombie are the touch naive peaceful world with harsh reality. The impression of the work is enhanced by multiple streaks of paint and ink, indistinct contours and lines.

Breathable watercolor of Sergei Kurbatov. Sergey Kurbatov is original watercolor painter. The feature of his technique is explained by the fact that he applies paint on paper, previously moistened with water. Already painted pattern continues to “live” until it gets dry.

Bright colors of Richard McNeil. The work of British artist Richard McNeil is like a tour to the most beautiful cities in the world. They are hard to withdraw eyes: rich colors give dynamism and show the atmosphere of the bustling city life.

Sensual beauty by eyes of Danielle Richard. The works of Canadian artist Danielle Richard are remembered because of special light: they remind summer evenings, cool breeze on the pier and the warmth of the sun. Therefore, each of the exhibitions is saluted with warmth and enthusiasm.