Amusement Park Port Aventura, Spain

In the complex you will find a lot of different characters both the world-famous, and just beautiful and funny. Pictures of Disneyland in Spain will show you what to expect from this theme park.

Port Aventura is a park that can interest both children and adults. It is divided into six thematic areas, one of which is designed specifically for kids. The complex is perfect for family visits as well as visits for couples and companies.

You can visit Port Aventura independently from any hotel in Barcelona. However, the travel companies offer to make the tour more complete and interesting. They provide you with English-speaking guide, who will help you to learn new and interesting facts about the park, its history and other interesting places of Barcelona, if you don’t know Spanish. And you are guaranteed not to get into trouble because of the language barrier.

If your visit is limited in time, the guide, depending on your preference, will advise places, views, attractions, which are better to pay attention in the first place.

Port Aventura is a place that will delight visitors of all ages. Do not miss the opportunity to visit such a beautiful place in Spain; especially if you decide to relax with the kids and give them a lot of impressions from visiting such a fabulous place.